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“How do you promote personal well being & health in your department, and why do you think it’s important that we strive for wellness?"

This topic can be discussed from different angles, and the angle/approach I use is from a phrase I often say “It’s not that we have to work harder to get work done, we have to work smarter.” I ask my staff to think of ways to perform certain jobs/tasks more efficiently and safer for all, and to make sure we have the proper tools to perform the tasks we do regularly!  This way we will complete the task on time, safely and more cost effective.

An example of working smarter not harder is – if a bushing needs to be replaced in the front end of a vehicle. In some cases it is better to remove the part (if possible) and use a press to change the bushing, rather than trying to remove it manually while on the vehicle.

Further, family is important to all. We spend a lot of time together daily working many hours away from family so, to me, it is important to treat our “work family” with respect and dignity and to be a good listener. This also promotes health of the department.

If we all respect each other's work space, listen to individual's needs, and work hard as a “Team” we will help with everyone’s personal well being and health.

Doug Radkey