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Striving for wellness in our employees as well as our patients is one of our highest priorities.

Working with hospitals means our employees are often faced with situations that put a strain on their mental health or expose them to physical risks. While all of our employees are strong individuals, the varying degrees of illnesses they see can take its toll.

Making myself available for anyone who needs to talk--whether it’s about something at work or at home--is critical to ensuring their well being.

The Voyago Health team treats everyone with dignity and respect. I encourage them to talk with their patients to ensure they are not only having a safe and comfortable journey, but also to offer any words that might comfort them in this tough time.

Those might be words of compassion and caring, or they might simply be a conversation about music or sports, just be friend.

My goal is to put a smile on both the patient's and my team's face every day.

Mark Beselaere

“How do you promote personal well being & health in your department, and why do you think it’s important that we strive for wellness?"

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