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All entries will be reviewed by our President, Theresa Matthews. We'll choose up to ten Creative ideas each month to WIN a $25.00 Gift Card.

But wait there's more!

Each month's winners will be placed into a bonus category with the chance to win a $500.00 bonus. We'll choose up to 4 Bonus Winners.

If you have any questions contact the Marketing Department carcher@voyageurtransportation,

or visit for more details.


​A company that wants to hear your ideas.

Imagine YOUR Voyago.

Imagine a program that rewards you simply for thinking. Share your imaginative, inventive, and creative ideas to shape a better Voyago.

Imagine a simplified process, a cost-saving measure, or a concept that rethinks mobility's environmental impact. Imagine a moon-shot idea.

What's YOUR moon shot? 

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