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​VoyagoSchools prides itself on the health & wellness of our team. I aim to ensure every team member has access to the proper resources to help them in their physical and mental wellbeing. I understand that everyone has rough days, and I invite anyone who is struggling to talk about it. Whether you talk to me or someone else, I believe being able to express how you feel and have those feelings understood is essential to a strong and prosperous individual, workforce, and company.

Beyond our team, there are the children we drive to and from school each day. I encourage my team to greet each child with a smile on their faces, because as one of our trainers told me, "that could be the only smile they see all day."

When you take care of yourself, everything from doing your circle check, to saying goodbye to the last child on your bus will be full of wellness.

When you’re being well, others will feel it.

​Chris Daponte

“How do you promote personal well being & health in your department, and why do you think it’s important that we strive for wellness?"